Addressing these needs through a statewide mechanism is beneficial to caregivers, coalition members and partners, the service delivery system, and our communities.By bringing caregiving issues to the surface, the coalition validates caregiving and the challenges caregivers face; empowers caregivers and care recipients by helping them identify and access resources; provides choices; works to decrease barriers to services; advocates for caregivers; and assists people in identifying themselves as caregivers.The coalition also assists relevant service agencies by providing referrals and recognizing similar missions among agencies and supporting their efforts.The coalition also provides an opportunity for collaboration among caregivers and professionals working with them.These efforts are all for the sake of improving the quality of care and quality of life of both caregivers and elderly care recipients.


The vision of the Utah Coalition for Caregiver Support is that Utah caregivers will have knowledge of and access to resources that support them.


The mission of the Utah Coalition for Caregiver Support is that it creates awareness of caregiving issues and improves the quality of life for caregivers and care recipients through advocacy, information, support, and access to resources.

Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of the Utah Coalition for Caregiver Support include the following:

Goal #1: Create awareness of caregiving issues
Objective: Develop and implement a public relations campaign.

Goal #2: Advocate for caregiving issues in Utah.
  • Identify groups that can make changes on a statewide level.
  • Educate employers about caregiving issues and resources.
  • Identify gaps in all service and geographic areas.
  • Goal #3: Disseminate caregiving information statewide.
    Objective:Provide speakers and written materials for groups/community.

    Goal #4: Coordinate a network of support for caregivers
    Objective: Provide assistance to caregivers.

    Goal #5: Facilitate access to resources for caregivers.

  • Enhance use of established Information and referral network.
  • Develop/establish new information and referral network.
  • Identify barriers to access and develop a plan to address.